The most significant decision that we can make on a day-to-day basis is our choice of attitudes

Our attitudes towards ourselves, other people, how we live life, ideas, things, places, events that we experience etc. will have a major influence on our level of happiness.

Our attitudes set up an intention to how we approach all of these areas.

Our choice of attitudes can either help or hinder us.

I would like to suggest some attitude choices that I believe if you adopt can help you towards living a happier life.

Attitude Choice 1:  Everything, whether it is wanted or unwanted, that has and is currently occurring in my life is happening for an important reason and there is something positive that I can gain from these experiences. Life is full of wonderful experiences that I can learn and grow from.

Attitude Choice 2:  Regardless of the results that happen in my life, I am happy and proud of myself knowing that I have given my best effort. I will strive to always do my best in whatever I do and be the best example that I can be to benefit myself and others.

Attitude Choice 3:  I will not judge or criticise myself or others; rather I will seek a position of understanding and focus on solutions that will aid myself and others.

Attitude Choice 4:  I will always be encouraging to myself and others.

Attitude Choice 5:  I will focus on my strengths and positive qualities and work on areas that need to be improved. I will search for and acknowledge the good in myself and others.

Attitude Choice 6:  I will only feed into my mind positive/helpful language, thoughts and beliefs.

Attitude Choice 7:  I am going to focus on solutions rather than dwell on problems/issues.

Attitude Choice 8:  I will respect and support my body, mind and spirit by investing time to nourish all of these areas.

Attitude Choice 9:  I am an important person that has been placed on this Earth for a special purpose. There is greatness within everyone of us.

Attitude Choice 10:  I will treat myself and others with love and kindness.

I trust that by adopting some or all of the above attitude choices in your life on a day-to-day basis that you will experience greater happiness in your life.

Author: Steve Decker – Life Management & Success Coach

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